Rental Agreement Part 2



Please plan your vacation arrival time accordingly as we need time to prepare SEAVIEW for you. CHECK-IN TIME is  3 P.M. EST  AND CHECKOUT is 9  A.M. EST.  Earlier Check-in sometimes possible.,…check with me one week prior to your arrival.   Late checkout is NOT possible in prime seasons.

The registering guest and all members of the registering guest’s party understand and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. Registering via the internet forms and checking off where indicated shall be the same as a signature.

Upon confirming a reservation, a contractual agreement is made between the owners of SEAVIEW (David and /or Suzy Crenshaw) and the GUEST including all members of the guest’s party. The guest and all members of the guest’s party agree to abide by the following Rental Guidelines.

RESERVATIONS: Guest shall submit the Rental Agreement Form  (Part 1) with all information completed. A Refundable Security Deposit of $400 via credit card will be collected when I call you to go over your booking. You do NOT pay the $400 on line…just when I call you.   The $400 Security Deposit secures your reservation and then when you arrive at Seaview, the $400 becomes a Damage Deposit. If Occupancy is more than 4 months out,, then the Guest will pay 50% of the Total Due at 4 months and 50% of the total due at 2 months from occupancy.  For bookings less than 4 months out, 50% of the Total Due is due 2 weeks from when the booking was made., then 50% at 2 months from arrival. These payments via your personal check or e-check. If booking is less than 6 weeks out, then 100% of the Total Due is payable via e-check or via a credit card with 3.3% convenience fee added.   If a check submitted “bounces”, then a $25 bounced check fee will apply and that payment will be converted to a credit card payment and will include a 3.3% credit card convenience fee.  All payments are strictly non refundable.   GUEST ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES TO THIS STRICT NON REFUND POLICY AND IS ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN VACATION TRIP INSURANCE.

SALES AND LODGING TAXES: SEAVIEW rates do not include the 7% sales tax or the 3.5% Franklin County lodging tax for a total of 10.5% taxes.  

TRIP INSURANCE:  If you have a medical or other situation with someone in your party or know of some other insurable reason you might need to cancel, you do need to obtain Trip Insurance to protect your vacation investment. We highly recommend you choose Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance to cover ALL situations including pandemics.  Please note that a Mandatory Evacuation could be issued by the local authorities due to a tropical storm, a hurricane, or a major power outage. If such an evacuation is issued, the law says you must leave Seaview and St George Island. Please note that Hurricane season is June 1st thru Nov 30th. For this time period in particular, you are urged to get Travel Insurance to protect your vacation investment. Once again, there is no refund in the event of a storm evacuation , a personal medical issue, or a pandemic….please consider Cancel for Any Reason trip insurance!   A good place to shop for trip insurance is  where you can compare multiple policies.   *****You MUST obtain trip insurance within about 1 week of your initial payment be to covered for pre-existing medical conditions and Cancel for Any Reason.******


In the event of an equipment malfunction, no refund of any money is available. We will make every effort to repair or remedy the problem in a timely manner. However, you must remember that one of the challenges of a rural island community is that repairman often take a couple of days to get to us, and may not have the parts needed for a repair.  This does not happen often, but it can!

Guest understands that St George Island does occasionally experience outages including power, water, internet, cable or phone and that no refunds will be made for such outages that are of a short term non evacuation nature.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT:  The Refundable Security Deposit becomes a  Damage Deposit upon the occupancy of SEAVIEW.  An inspection of SEAVIEW is done immediately after your visit and if damages or missing items are reported, a charge may be assessed.  Your acknowledgement and submission of this Rental Agreement, Part 1 shall be deemed the same as your signature for purposes of the Damage Deposit. Guests assume full financial responsibility for damages due to misuse or negligence or missing items.  Additionally, if you have left Seaview “a real mess”, a $100 or more Excess Cleaning Fee will be charged against your Refundable Damage Deposit.. It is our hope that you will treat Seaview as you would your own home. Upon your arrival at SEAVIEW, you are encouraged to report to the owner anything you believe is not working properly or is broken.  Owner will try to replace or remedy the problem in a timely manner.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  At all times, both inside and outside, Guest acknowledges that the maximum occupancy for SEAVIEW is 8, plus an infant that can use the Pak N Play.  SEAVIEW does not rent to students even if one or more parents or legally responsible adults accompany them, or to groups under the age of 25.  SEAVIEW is NOT available to any large groups day or night….no weddings, wedding receptions, spring break parties. Etc. This policy is strictly enforced and you could be evicted without any refund. You need to know that between our neighbors and our close by maintenance people, SEAVIEW is observed daily a multiple number of times.

PETS:  SEAVIEW is a no pets home.  We have guests who want to rent a “no pet” home for allergy reasons… and we have 3M structural film on the inside of all the doors and windows that could be damaged by a pet.  Your submission of this agreement does mean that you do understand that SEAVIEW does NOT allow pets and that if you have a pet you will be evicted without a refund. No exceptions will be made concerning pets.

SMOKING: Seaview is a NO SMOKING home.  No smoking inside or outside ever. No Exceptions. Per the policy you now find a most hotels, if our cleaner detects smoke after your visit, a $250 charge will be made against your Refundable Damage Deposit.  

POOL AND HOT TUB: The pool and hot tub are cleaned before your arrival and again while you are there. It is the Guest’s responsibility to use these amenities in appropriate ways. Please read and comply with all safety guidelines. If you have younger children, do NOT prop open the safety gates…they are meant to protect your kids from getting into the pool area.

HOT TUB  Please read and comply with hot tub guidelines posted. Hot tubs are not recommended for younger children, pregnant women, or anyone with sensitive skin. The use of the pool and hot tub for guests under 12 yrs old requires an adult to be present at all times in the enclosed pool area. The hot tub is not a babysitting service!! Do not leave your children in the hot tub more than about 10-15 minutes and not at the max temp.  Hot tubs can dehydrate you –especially children, and cause diarrhea.  Absolutely no glass containers in the fenced pool area. The guests acknowledge that the use of the pool and hot tub are at their own risk.    The hot tub max capacity is 5 . DO NOT SIT OR STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVER. The cover is for insulation purposes only and is not designed to hold a person and will break and you will be charged the $450 replacement fee.

POOL:  Our pool is heated during Mar, Apr, May and Sept, Oct, Nov.Spr Br. We strive for 84 degrees. There is no additional charge to you for the pool heat but we cannot guarantee a particular temperature

LINENS AND FURNITURE: The towels provided are for the home use and are not to be taken out to the pool or to the beach. Please use the provided beach towels in the laundry room for the pool and for the beach.  Furniture is not to be taken out of the home including onto the decks. If you relocate any furniture, please put it back where you found it.  The outside closet that has beach chairs, umbrellas, etc is for your use. At the end of your stay, please wash off all items and put them back into the closet neatly.

DISCLOSURE: The owners reserve the right to refund deposits, refuse to rent or discontinue occupancy. Any reservation obtained under false pretenses is subject to forfeiture. The owner or its authorized agents may enter the property for purposes of inspection, to do repairs, or for any other valid reason. The owner is not responsible for accidents, injury to guests or loss of money or valuables of any kind. 

Submission of the SEAVIEW Rental Agreement (Part 1) is an acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to the Rental Agreement & Guidelines for SEAVIEW, Part 2.